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Brands of Coffee Makers
Coffee makers offer the convenience of fresh brewed, high quality coffee at home or in your office. Over the years the brewing technology has improved substantially and it is now possible to get coffee house quality wherever, whenever. Coffee makers with single serve technology are quite popular now, allowing you to make a top notch cup of java, one cup at a time. Look for these top brands of coffee makers, to achieve your daily coffee fix.

Cuisinart Coffee Makers

Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers

Flavia Coffee Makers
Flavia is owned by Mars Inc. and is their go to coffee maker. The secret to the Flavia is the Fresh Release brewing system which serves up a delicious, fresh cup every time. A review: I have had one of these Flavia Fusion Machines for almost 8 years. The machine is used nearly everyday and has continued to perform well over this time.

This machine uses fresh vacuum sealed packs to brew single servings of coffee or tea. The machine can also be used to brew cappucino. The machine has a canister water filter which you wil want to replace say once per year. You can also adjust the size of cup you are brewing, this essentially makes the coffee stronger or weaker. I always use Altera fesh packs with my coffee machine. My favorite coffee's are the Kenya, Columbia and Cost Rica packs. They have introduced some fancier machines including Flavia Creation 400, Creation 200, Creation 150 and the original Flavia Fusion. highly recommended machine, I think the fusion is more than adequate for the home. retails for $125.

Keurig Coffee Makers
Keurig makes coffee makers for your home and office, they specialize in the single serve k-cups. With a Kuerig k-cup you can brew up great coffee, one cup at a time. If you have different coffee drinkers with different tastes in the same house, everyone can drink their favorite coffee. This way you aren't left with any wasted pots of coffee.

Most of the Kuerig Coffee Makers will not only make coffee, they can also make tea, hot cocoa and even iced beverages. Their deluxe brewers offer additional features like a backlit LCD screen that allows you to program water temperature and cup size. Kuerig Coffee machines for home / office range in price from around $89 - $249.

Tassimo Coffee Makers
Speaking as true coffee aficionado, I really like the Tassimo Machine. But, if you are someone who drinks lattes and cappuccinos, then you are going to love this machine. Tassimo uses real frothed milk and cafe style foam, most competitors machines use powdered milk. To me the flavor difference is remarkable.

Tassimo has a technology built into their brewers that is second to none. They use a bar code technology on their single serve T Disc, this basically tells the machine how to brew up your product. It automatically adjusts for water temperature, brew time, mixture, froth of the beverage and more. Tassimo incorporates Bosch technology, which is second to none and the price is reasonable. Tassimo Coffee makers range in price from around $99 - $170, not bad for what you get.